Hoopstarz Academy is committed to providing student athletes with basketball athletic training, development, and sport competition at the highest levels of quality. With a family approach to teaching the game of basketball, the Hoopstarz organization sets out to help our athletes develop and feed their passion for the game. To accomplish this goal, we invest in the development of our coaches and trainers to expand their understanding of the game. We take pride in helping players learn the techniques and skills that will allow them to play the game at any level.

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Education – A athlete who excels in the classroom is an athlete who excels in life. We not only invest in our student athletes on the court but we are advocates and supporters of their success in the classroom.

We have cultivated a culture that promotes excellence in the classroom from elementary to high school and beyond. Let us help build the future leaders of tomorrow.

Respect – Basketball is a globally recognized and played sport. We encourage our student athletes to respect and embrace the richness of diversity the sport of basketball brings. To reach this goal, we teach our athletes to compete at a high-level while maintaining respect for their coaches, teammates, and opponents.

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Additional Values

Family – The Hoopstarz organization is united and embedded in the community with a family first attitude. Our program has been crafted to not only focus on the athletes but to include the parents and family members who help support them.

We aim to create an environment where the entire family can be engaged with the organization.

Character – We believe the game of basketball helps build life skills that will follow our athletes, both on and off the court and allow them to make a positive contribution within their community. Through the game of basketball, athletes are able to build on the qualities that will allow them to be successful and overcome adversity.

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These teams are designed to allow our student athletes to train and compete in basketball leagues and tournament play.

The Hoopstarz provides athletes with team practice, strength and skill training to help aid in their development and to provide them with the skills to play at the school and college level. Join our family today!

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